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I believe that to thrive is everyone's birthright. My mission is to remind and empower individuals to this birthright by embracing their authentic selves through somatic practices, reframing experiences for healing and personal growth - to step into the radiance of themselves!

About Me

Hello! I am Priya Prajina. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, living now in Singapore, I am a devotee of words, doodling, and recently, myself!I am a Gemini Sun and Moon, and Virgo rising.

My penchant for words is intense and am eager to grasp every little detail and take delight in this wondrous human adventure. My personal struggles with postpartum depression during the pandemic and burnout in the corporate world led me to explore therapy in many forms, talk therapy, somatic practices and then inner deep dives into my Indian heritage's divine feminine deities, such as Ma Kali and Ma Durga. It doesn't start or end there - but with each supreme source of energy and divinity, I try to see how I can embody them. Where are They in me and vice versa. Ik Onkar, all the way, every single day. The beauty of it is - it is ever evolving!

The last few years have helped me understand my own strength. Now, its become important for me to share my explorations in a relatable manner, and supporting busy individuals who would like to meander gently on a journey of self-discovery, to experience the unveiling of the interconnectedness of all things around us.  

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My Bio

When I’m not seeing clients, you can find me Immersed in a good book, listening to my veryyyy random and moody playlists, taking trips to the public library with my toddler, cycling around East Coast park with my boys, vibing with my gal friends, getting in a good foot reflexology session and contemplating my nexts. Next- hot cup of chocolate, next water colors experiment and next journal entry!


I really value Nature so I spend a lot of time checking out wise trees, meandering with my little explorer and finding random flowers, trees, snails and leaves to coo over. We are big fans of the moon and spend a lot of time admiring our natural satellite together!


One day I want to  have a place meant exclusively to unwind with your dogs and let other dog-appreciators play with them. Or build a forum like Tinder, except for animal lovers looking to make doggie friends!

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