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Come, walk with me!

Hello! This is my first post on Journey to prajina. Aah I can sense my own excitement mounting as I write this. My first blog, was created in October 2010 and I was on and off for the next decade or so on it. Back in the day, we'd permitted ourselves longer modes of expression than blocks of photos, and it was highly enticing to hit "publish" after pouring out my heart on white and black! Here we are, some 14 years later, still blogging for the same purpose. To have an outlet for my words, to share them with others, to hopefully make an impact, get someone to giggle or smile, and then, escape for a few moments into a webpage. Welcome. And, Hello World! The programmer in me has never died! :) PS: This beautiful photo was captured by my walking tour guide in Munchan, Bali, in November 2022. There's an amazing synchronicity there with a dragonfly caught in motion - and the next day I happened to get a tattoo of a dragonfly, to represent my transformation in motion. Glee!

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