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Divine Discoveries: Pioneer Within!

Updated: Apr 17

As a part of Date Nights with Durga, are you ready to step into your leadership?

Are you ready to dive deep into the mystical world of Navadurgas? Get your nerd glasses on and join me for an epic journey filled with legends, mantras, and even a little dance to get those energies flowing!

We'll uncover the secrets of each Devi, learn the right way to pronounce her mantra (because pronunciation matters, folks!), and even bust out a short dance to feel those powerful vibes pulsating through the cosmos. And hey, if you're feeling extra nerdy, I've got some reflection points for each Devi to really get you thinking!

 But wait, there's more! Dive into the planetary and chakra associations of the Devi, and join me for a guided meditation that'll leave you feeling like you've unlocked the secrets of the universe.

 Mark your calendars from April 9th to April 17th for this cosmic extravaganza! We've got intention-setting calls, group chant-alongs on WhatsApp, and epic group calls to geek out together.

 Early bird catches the cosmic worm, so snag your spot now for just $240 SGD until April 7th! The price is $270 afterwards. DM me to join in on the cosmic fun. Let's tap into our inner Devi and unleash our magnetic magic! Schedule: 1. Dates: April 9 (Tue) - April 17 (Wed) 2. Canva link with Daily Navdurga - self paced study & meditation

3. Intention setting call on Day 0 - April 8 (Mon) at 8 pm SGT/530 pm IST)

4. Daily mantra chant-along on Whatsapp group

5. Group call on Day 5 - April 13 (Sat) at 11 am SGT/830 am IST)

6. Group call on Day 9 - April 17 (Wed) at 8 pm SGT/530 am IST)

7. Closing/Integration call on April 24 (Wed) at 8 pm SGT/530 pm IST) Recordings will be made available for a month.

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