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Fear is a Shitty Motivator: Your inner leader knows better!

Fear is a shitty motivator! I was mulling on this, sharing my thoughts - I have been exploring the themes of Aries season, of pioneering, of taking action boldly, going head-first into situations without overthinking, of what leadership looks like for us individually. This month, in my Wednesday Bayshore Heart meditations, we first explored our limiting beliefs, and allowed the potential of the opposite to truly get embodied within us. That takes time and ACTIONS, of course. The next Wednesday we explored what our strengths were. Enlisted them, celebrated them. Gave ourselves a massive pat on our back. And what a true leader does for themselves and the people they are responsible for, is to PLAY on those strengths. Create circumstances to amplify, build on and create from those very strengths. It made me reflect a lot on the times that I got to spend as a leader with that in my job title, and as a leader for myself, because I was always in competition with a previous version of me. .If I wasn't seeing my own progress and advancement in skills addition, in terms of mindset, in terms of working patterns, relationships built/nurtured, then I was not doing myself justice. It was my responsibility to generate circumstances to allow for this, and it was also my leader's to look out or cultivate those circumstances. It is so easy for each of us to come up with a list of what we do not like about ourselves. We have this inner voice that can go on a roll with this, so familiar and unquestioning that we struggle to put our hand up, as it to silence that voice and say, NO! I am better than that! And I will show you!!! Imagine, when we are on such a spiral - if we reached out or let people in - and got a kind shoulder to lean on, a leader to take the support of (because the leader in us might be yet unharnessed), how much easier it would be to dust ourselves off and renew our commitment to showing up from our best light? And imagine, instead, if we got someone shoving us deeper in to that place, someone we trust as a leader? The voice of self-doubt simply gets louder, and the space - darker! The call here - is to both be a leader for ourselves AND if we are one in the workspace, then see how we can help generate those circumstances that allow people to portray their strengths. Fear is a shitty motivator. No one, not a single one of us, like to feel unsafe, unsure, unsteady and utterly vulnerable. This is a call from me to you - to firstly remind everyone of their own amazing capabilities, no matter how big or small - and that my Dharma is to serve from a place of a leader - although not one in JOB title anymore, but very much one at heart. Very much one in spirit. Very much one in actions. Reach out to me to understand how to tap into, from a somatic POV, the pioneer that lies within you. You'll do the HARD work, but you'll always have a voice that reminds you of your light, picks you up, walks alongside & cheers you on.

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