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Goddess Lakshmi, will you be my friend?

Not too long ago, after having made a new relationship or rather, established a new dynamic with Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of abundance and prosperity, I created, on the request of very dear souls, a guided meditation on Ma Lakshmi. It was well received and what I was told was that Indian Gods and Goddess are as intimidating as they are powerful and attractive, and what I did was make Her a little more accessible. That encouraged me so much!

Only after realizing the relationship of co-creating we have with the Universe was I able to form a relationship of intimacy and friendship with Goddess Lakshmi. If we were to interject play, child-like curiosity, tremendous regard for this singular (yet infinite in itself) opportunity of this lifetime, and remember that if we treated life with more alacrity, it just changes in the hues and flavors it gives us to work with. This means, a changed perspective that allows for so much more fun! 

So if we are always operating from a place of grace and openness, why not establish a more personal relationship with Gods and Goddesses? Why not see ourselves reflected in Them, while we see Them reflected in us? We do not intend to dismiss or disregard or undervalue the divinity in them, the aspirational values suggest that too. However, why not come from a place of, even if we are not equals, what if we were?

What if? 

What if… you saw your vulnerabilities in their stories? Their bravado playing out in yours? Their devotion, their strength, their valor, their glamour, either playing out, or aspiring to play out in your life?

What if Ma Lakshmi was that one friend of yours who’s had one of the most courageous life you could think of, yet she’s so gracious, generous, straightforward, loving, capable of giving tough love, sensual, fun, magnetic? The list goes on. And by hanging out with Her, some of those qualities are re-membered within yourself? And you know, once you’ve been fast friends, She’s going to be at your side giving you what you need? I wonder what she asks in return. An honest connection, some bravery, transparency, a will to co-create, LOVE - universal love? The possibilities are endless!

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