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My Durga Journey

It was this very prayer, a few lines of which had planted potent seeds in me in October 2020.

A month old baby, the pandemic under swing. Online Navratri gatherings.

Honoring 9 different Goddesses from across the world.

I don't remember much, except feeling dazed.

Motherhood was way too daunting, especially the early days!

Two years later, when Navratri came around,

A dear friend and I shared joy in the Divine interest we found,

In exploring Durga Ma and all her 9 forms.

Realisations washed over like waves, profound.

Rebirthed. Baptised. Felt anew.

Each late night a ceremony,

Chanting Her mantra, dancing, singing, in my balcony.

In 2023, Her call came early and so clear.

Awaken Me in everyone.

Please remind them they are Me.

Please ask the women to give birth Me.

To mother Me. To mother themselves.

What a deep dive it was,

My program of Date Nights with Durga.

Starting right from the morning of those 9 days,

Being an earnest student, researcher,

Investigating into each clue that the Devi presented.

Recording, re-recording. Self doubting.

Then when published, that sense of relief.

The sheer relatability,

The very inspiring story that is She.

The way She is woven into our daily lives.

Should we chose to see Her.

That feeling of stepping into one's divine feminine,

Unparalleled, can never go back to the old way.

Of feeling small, not knowing my role.

Of not seeing the Divine reminder,

Not living to my fullest.

This is my invitation to you,

Irrespective of your gender.

Irrespective of your race.

Step in to embody,

Step in to embrace

Your innate strengths and blessings

Let Ma Durga remind you how!

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