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Purple twirls, hello little girl!

Meeting my little me has been a very bittersweet journey. I realize there is no connection sweeter than this and the one's whose blessings and support I'd always longed for, was adult me. My higher self that I am constantly evolving myself into. I picked up this doll in Cluny Court, after meeting my dear Somatic Therapist Steph for the first time in person, after being in such close communication over Zoom for the last 2 intense, transformative months. Year 2023 was something else, I can tell you that! And I then penned this down. I love being in conversation with this little girl, who's so chuffed that I count on her and am so inspired by her, as she feels that way about the now-me! It wasn't too long ago, just the 10th of May,

I (re) met this little twirling girl,

Who once danced around all day.

Making up silly rhymes, funny words and sounds,

Make believe worlds and stories,

Conversations that went round and round.

Happiest she was, in her own little bubble,

Curious, cheeky, ever questioning.

When she grew, she kept aside those questions, "Don't be a bother, don't trouble!"

Her dreams were vivid only when asleep,

Slowly, the purple dupatta waving child,

Stepped into the shadows,

Wondering what she did wrong,

The twirling and gleeful giggles quite a thing of the past.

Lately, she's gotten airtime again,

She plays with an even younger version of herself,

Filled with glee and wonder,

She once again trips, falls, makes blunders,

But is now held even more dear, asked to leap even higher,

Knowing that there's her older version to break her fall.

Knowing that she can have her license go dream again, she can have it all.

Twirl, sweet girl,

Spread your light,

Shine with no permission needed,

Shine super bright!

You are loved, you are guided, you are supported! ❤️

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