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What's in a name? A LOT! - On prajina

Written above in Hindi! Prajna/Pragya/Prajina (with the i silent) all mean the innate curiosity and sharp drive to seek wisdom. The ability to ask the right questions. The desire to shine light (pra - for prakash/light) into places or topics that need more of it. The drive to seek God or the Almighty through Self Inquiry. To endlessly be hungry for knowledge, to be an eternal student.

When I discovered first hand what my second name means, I realized that I've been embodying it all along. And as a Gemini Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌕, I've been truly living each day in this manner.

My Journey to understanding myself has truly been a journey to prajina. I haven't felt more alive, more fulfilled, more vibrant than when I'm diving into a deep study, and when the subjects been my own self - it's been rewarding in multifold.

My Dharma is to walks others onto their own prajinas. Their own discovery of their depths. To witness them, to hold space for them, to grow along. To truly cherish one's own worth and gifts and awaken to the interconnectedness with every being around us. What more can we ask for, in this lifetime? ❤️ Nerding out a bit here: in English it looks like this Prajñā. The letter "i" in my name is a very unique spelling given by my parents' Guru.

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